About us

BICE VIGGO is a world manufacturer of the highest quality fashion knitting wear.The company operates solely at the high end of the fashion market with the premium priced brands BICE VIGGO.

BICE women and VIGGO men are outgoing and fashion lovers. BICE women and men are elegant, sexy and enjoy a good body. The BICE women and VIGGO men have eye for detail,enjoy luxury and appreciate only the highest quality. BICE WOMEN and VIGGO men go for the best only.

BICE VIGGO garments are slim fit and therefore accent the shape of the body. BICE VIGGO garments are made of the highest quality Cashmere, Cashmere/Silk and Jemala wool. Of these products the thinnest possible yarn is processed by the highest quality manufacturers of Italy, hence ensuring the highest quality finishing possible. The result is knitting wear that is extremely thin, light and soft and therefore feels like a second skin when wearing. It is knitting wear that keeps its excellent shape and quality under extensive wearing and after multiple washing turns.

When you have bought a BICE VIGGO item, you have spoiled yourself with fashion and luxury. BICE VIGGO is a present, you comfort yourself or the one you love with luxury and style.

BICE has 18 items numbered BICE 1 to BICE 18 and VIGGO 4, numbered VIGGO 1 to VIGGO 4 subsequently, all items are offered in three or four sizes and in several colours. Each item has a limited edition. After an edition has been sold a new item with the succeeding number will replace the previous one.

BICE VIGGO garments are delivered in gift packages that are luxurious and include a unique high quality silk storage/travel envelope which you can easily carry in your handbag or suitcase. So you will always have your BICE VIGGO number.. at arms length always.